• Thought Leader Video Series

    In this series of short videos DeWayne Benson, Divisional VP, Sales & Business Development and Jeff Schneider, R.Ph., FASCP, Administrative VP, LTC Pharmacy Solutions, discuss the solutions Smith Drug Company offers its customers.

  • CE, Gift & Trade Show In Orlando

    Coming off the heels of the most successful trade show in Smith Drug Company history, the 2018 CE, Gift & Trade Show is heading to the coast! The 2018 CE, Gift & Trade Show will take place at the stunning Renaissance Resort in Orlando, FL from July 27th through July 29th. Click to Learn More!

  • End Fees That Drive Up Drug Costs

    Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company recently joined with more than 115 other health care groups to endorse bipartisan legislation that would prohibit pharmacy benefit managers from adding retroactive charges on Medicare Part D prescription drugs.


HealthWise Pharmacy Solutions and Differentiators
  • Consulting Services
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Long Term Care
  • Specialty Network
  • Intuitive Purchasing System
  • Clinical Solutions
  • Our consulting services are made of experienced professionals who have been in the business for years working in various pharmacy environments. From outside your pharmacy entrance to behind the prescription counter, we are there to assist in evaluating the overall performance with the ultimate goal to give recommendations that will result in an improved bottom line for a better profit.

    Examples of how we do this are: we look for opportunities to streamline your workflow for better efficiencies, inform you of missed pharmacy opportunities; such as, specialty pharmacy, star ratings, and immunizations. We also look at your business volume vs employee ratio, product mix and merchandising for improved shopping convenience.

  • What message does your pharmacy deliver to your customer? Besides the obvious of being a pharmacy, your pharmacy is not just any pharmacy. The first impression of your pharmacy is made the minute the customer enters your store. So, positioning your image, your service and your employees are critical to that first impression being a positive and lasting impression.

    You can be independent but also be part of a network that will give you a strong presence by using the logos and name that are associated with healthcare and pharmacy. HealthWise Pharmacy is the brand that can provide you the proper signage and image inside and out while keeping your pharmacy name the same as your community associates with your business. We can provide HealthWise Pharmacy lighted signs, window decals, directional aisle signs, floor mats, plus circulars that will help your store stand out in the community.

  • Become part of the fastest growing categories in pharmacy. With everyone living longer, healthcare and pharmacy go hand in hand with the aging demographics. Our LTC team is led by a pharmacist who understands the mechanics and operations for this side of the business.

    Our team can introduce you to pharmacy’s new approach of contributing to your community but from the institutional viewpoint. The seasoned team can teach and guide you through the process of getting into Long Term Care. With impeccable service levels, product selection, and competitive pricing, we can provide guidance on how to get the best reimbursement and increase your profit while diversifying your business for new growth.

  • As the name implies, when offering specialty pharmacy services, the category involves specific requirements with distinctive features that particular medications entail. Many of these new specialty drugs involve interaction and follow up with the patient, ensuring compliance and adherence, and methods of direct delivery to the patient. We have affiliations with some of the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacies.

    Aligning with these partners gives us the ability to help you enter into this fast growing category that as a pharmacy on your own, you may not have the resources to do so. Don’t miss out on an opportunity that will give you the cutting edge in practicing your profession. Learn how to enroll in this program by asking for more information from your Pharmacy Business Consultant (PBC).

  • HealthWise Pharmacy Intuitive Purchasing System is a new approach to better managing your inventory resulting in increased cash flow, improved customer service and increased profitability. With lower reimbursements, optimizing your inventory is a solution to reducing overhead costs which in turn provides increased profit, minimized out of stocks, and lost sales.

    The HealthWise Pharmacy Intuitive Purchasing System is powered by P4 Technologies. Partnered with Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company, P4 Technologies has built a system for better efficiencies for the independent pharmacy. Ask your Pharmacy Business Consultant (PBC) for details and how you can start improving your bottom line.

  • The world of pharmacy is no longer just about filling a prescription. It goes much further than that, but it’s also something that the independent pharmacist has been doing for years, and that’s counseling the patient to get the best possible health outcomes. Now there is a new rating system built around this practice called 5 Star Rating, whereby the focus zeros in on the health outcomes of the patient. The better the patient’s outcomes, the higher your pharmacy rating becomes, your reimbursements improve and your inclusion of preferred networks improve, as well.

    We have partners such as, EQuiPP, Prescribed Wellness, Ateb, and Creative Pharmacist as sources that can guide your pharmacy on procedures that will improve your performance and ratings. In addition, we have a clinical pharmacist on staff that is available to assist and give direction on best pharmacy practices that will also provide for improved patient adherence and compliance. Do you know what your pharmacy rating is on your performance?

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